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By using Copperant you can sustainably protect the objects you love, while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Not only are Copperant paints of the utmost quality, but they are also produced in a completely CO2-neutral manner. Since Copperant also makes use of plant-based materials, it reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere as well. Naturally, we can make our ‘greenest’ paint in any desired colour.


a complete biobased RAnge

Copperant has a complete range of paints for any kind of painting job. Aside from our biobased wall paints, lacquers, and stains, we also have a mineral wall paint on a basis of only natural resources. Our paint characterizes itself through its quick drying, long-lasting protection, pleasant flow, and excellent coverage. For all these reasons many painters as well as employers choose for using Copperant, the greenest paint.

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