sustainable production

Copperant is produced in the netherlands. The high-quality paint is produced in a co2-neutral manner in Copperant's factory in Etten-leur, which operates on solely solar energy. In addition to this the packaging of our products is made with an eye on its environmental impact. Therefore we only use 100% recycleble cans and the wrapping foil for the pallets of paint is >60% Plant-based and recycleble.

Copperant is a brand owned by Baril Coatings. This family owned company is proud to be the owner of a quality paint brand for professional painters who are prepared to make the switch to sustainable paint. Baril Coatings' team is constantly developing new products that fit wel with their customers, while also having a low environmental impact. Apart from Copperant, Baril Coatings also develops and produces sustainable high-quality industrial coatings and construction paints. These coatings and paints are used worldwide by many marine and offshore, OEM, metal industries as well as by steel and non-residential construction and by painting companies.

Baril Coatings has a mission. "We want to help our customers with protecting their objects in a sustainable manner, while also reducing their carbon footprint at the same time. Our ambition is to achieve more with less." To reach this goal we make paints available with a broad application that, in addition to that, are sustainable as well. The production by Baril Coatings is done responsibly and in low in emissions because of the use of biobased resources, 100% sustainable energy (Baril Coatings owned solar pannels in combination with wind energy), and because of the reduction, recycling, and separation of waste. Every day we are trying to use less and less harmful substances, make our factories even more sustainable, make our workspaces safer, and stimulate the use of elektric and hybrid cars more and more.

Also our products are sustainble. Many of our products are made from biobased and/or water-based resources and provide long-lasting protection to every desired surface. We are aware of our responsibilities as producer. Therefore we invest as much as possible in new technologies so that we can produce our products in a emissionless manner. All emissions that we can't prevent, we neutralise with the help of ionising technologies. 0% emission is our ambition.

about Baril Coatings 
Baril Coatings started in 1982 with producting paint and coating. In the meanwhile Baril Coatings has grown to a prominant developer of innovative and sustainable paints and coatings. In addition to this, Baril Coatings is active in 14 European countries as well as the Unites States, with production sites in the Netherlands, the United States, and Poland.

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