Copperant is the greenest paint. It is made from natural resources instead of fossil resources and is produced with solely green energy. By choosing for Copperant, you can directly help with reducing the amount of CO2  in our atmosphere and you help with preventing climate change.

CO2 gets taken in by plants
The plant becomes a resource and waste
From this waste our plant-based binding agent is made

Our biobased binding agent generally will have absorbed 922 grams of CO2 for every liter of Copperant!**


The use of the biobased binding agent reduces the amount of CO2 released into the air with 922 grams for every liter of Copperant.

By only reducing renewable energy at our factories, another 95 grams of CO2 isn't released into the environment

Painting with 1 liter of Copperant results the prevention of 1 kilogram of CO2 ending up in our atmosphere.
This is the equivalent of:

Driving 7 kilometers on diesel
Charging your mobile phone for a whole year
Using your vacuum cleaner for more or less 2 hours
Having your drying dry two batches of laundry

*This regards the product lines Pura, Altra, and Quattro.

**Based on the determined amount of 14C by USDA and TÜV Austria.
Amount of 14C x 3,666 = amount of CO2.
You can take a look at the test data in the certificates of Copperant.