Certificates and tests


COT Quality norms

Centre for research and technical advice (Centrum voor Onderzoek en Technisch advies (Dutch), COT) is an independent research and advice organization for the construction and industry. A COT quality description is all about the performances from paint products and systems that are expected regarding; sustainability and application data such as drying times, recoatability, and viscosity. In addition to that certain qualifications have been established regarding physical and chemical characteristics like elasticity, adhesion, coverage, and hardness. So, in the quality description, it’s not only about product characteristics. The Copperant paints are COT tested and meet the qualifications for the different quality descriptions.

Download test results:

Pura Multiprimer

Pura Lakverf

Pura Dekkende Buitenbeits

Pura Muurverf extra mat

Pura Monopac Muurverf