healthcare institutions & schools

Safety and health are of upmost importance in healthcare institutions and schools. Therefore the water-based biobased paint from Copperant is perfectly suited for school buildings and healthcare institutions. The paint can be used responsibly.

Copperant Pura has an A+ label for emissions into the environment. This proves that no harmful substances are emitted into the aire while painting. In addition to this, the paint has a EN 71-3 certificate for safe use on children's toys and furniture. The lacquer is scratch and impact-resistant and the wall paint is easily cleaned (scrub-resistance class 1). The quick-drying paint is just about odourless. Painted areas can be put back to use immediately after painting.

Please contact us for painting advice for your school or healthcare institution or find a Green Painter for your sustainable painting job.

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Painting work nursing home Heijendaal

In Arnhem three display windows from the nursing home Heijendaal got a refreshing new appearance. The shared spaces got completely painted with Copperant Pura, so that there could be painted in an odorless and low-emission manner. This made the painting more pleasent for the residents, but also for the painters from De Variabele as well. The craftsmen from De Variabele have selflessly made their talents available for unique maintenance projects as part of the anual maintenance project De Variabele Doet! Copperant supplied the painters of De Variabele with all the paint they used during the project.

Take a look at MVO-dag de variabele