89200 Copperant Pura Multiprimer

Universal water-based primer with great adhesion, made from a plant-based binding agent and other natural resources. Suitable as priming paint or undercoating on surfaces such as wood, stone, steel, and plastic. This primer is applicable indoors and outdoors and in combination with Pura Lacquer provides long-lasting protection (up to 7 years low maintenance). The primer is easily sanded down, quickly recoated, and optimal for use as a multi primer because of its opaque and filling properties.

Certificates Pura multiprimer

Pura Multiprimer

  • Water-based biobased adhesion primer
  • Suitable for wood, stone, iron, and plastics
  • Very quick-drying
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fills and covers very well
20 min / 20 min
Theoretical coverage
22 m2/L
10-20 GU