88051 Copperant Quattro Metal lacquer UV+

Copperant Quattro Metal Lacquer UV+ is a semi-gloss, opaque, and rust-resistant primer/finish (one-tin-system). It is made with a plant-based binding agent. The lacquer is ready to use and specifically meant for use on metal objects such as fences, pipes, radiators, agricultural vehicles, and doors. Since the paint contains special rust-resistant pigments the use of an anti-rust priming paint is unnecessary.

Quattro Metal Lacquer UV+

  • Plant-based binding agent
  • Ready for use on metal (one-pot-systeem)
  • Anti-rust
  • UV-resistant
  • Suited for outdoor sue
  • Up to 10 years low-maintenance
  • 4-season paint
2 hours / 16 hours
Theoretical coverage
12,5 m2/L
70-90 GU